soda fired urn
Coralline Tide
porcelain moon jar with copper red and iron glazes
rock pool bowl

2 thoughts on “

  1. Hi jenny
    Our son youngest Oli is cycling the north coast 500 from the 28th May – 6th June with 3 friends and as instructed by us plans to call in on you. So look out for 4 knackered mid 20s youths!
    Peter & Katie

    • Hello Peter and Katie
      What a surprise!! I will keep my eyes peeled for Oli. Tell him that I will give him and his friends a cup of tea if they make themselves known to me. Warn him that the road gets very hilly as he goes West! Hope life is treating you well despite the weird time we are in. Maybe you will feel inspired to travel to the North Coast too?!
      Lots of love Jennyx

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