Jenny Mackenzie Ross

Northshore Pottery.Mill of Forse.Latheron.Caithness.KW5 6DG

01593 741777


11 thoughts on “contact

  1. Hello Jenny

    I hope you remember us – we were up in Lybster 8 years ago… Andrew and Annie (now 8) are travelling over to Lybster in the summer so that she can see where she was born (we now live in Burgundy). We are now down to our last two North Shore Pottery mugs, so I shall be asking him to call in and buy some more! I love your work on the website – so glad to see you are still working up there.


    • Hello Sanita,

      Of course I remember you!

      It will be lovely to see Andrew and Annie when they are in Caithness, and will be delighted to supply you with more mugs. My work evolves over the years so they might not be quite the same as the ones you bought 8 years ago (they should be better|). Hopefully Andrew will find the right thing for you.

      Hope you are all well, how fantastic to be over in Burgundy it sound idylic. Are you still making glass? I do hope so. Your work was lovely.

      Best Wishes

  2. Hi Jenny, I came up to your pottery in 2000 and bought two beautiful pieces from you, one small jug and also a lovely pot with a lid that had a cat on the top, I would love to have another two of these pots. Would it be best to send you a photo of the one I have, they don’t have to be exactly the same, the one I have is a cat standing arching his back.
    Thank you

    • Hello Kathy,

      It is always nice to hear from people who own pieces of my pottery. The work that I make tends to move on quite rapidly so I am not entirely sure whether I will still be using the same glazes as the ones on the pots that you own.
      Perhaps the best thing is to send me photos to my regular e-mail address, which is then I can see how close I can come to re-creating the pieces.
      Many thanks for your enquiry

  3. Love your pots. I remember throwing a pot with you and Viv in John O Groats 1991! Only ours ended up more like a gravy bowl. Yours on this site look fab. Do you sell anywhere in North East of England? We are still living in Northumberland, Viv has 1 boy and I have two girls!

    • Hi Julie,
      I remember you visiting me at John O’Groats, we had a lot of fun! Such a long time ago now! Do srnd my love to Viv and her children, bet she is a lovely Mum. It would be lovley to catch up perhaps facebook? although I am not very good at posting always mean to but never get round to it! I have 2 boys aged 9 and 10. (they are very excited for Xmas)

      I don’t send work out to other shops but do sell online via rippingham art. Also I put photos of every firing on Northdhore Pottery facebook page so you can always do mail order direct from me!

  4. Hi Jenny
    I have just given my husband the harbour bowl I bought from you today. He absolutely loves it. It’s stunning and sooo perfect. It was lovely to meet you today and save your little bird visitor. Will be in again en route to Wick soon.
    Many Thanks and I hope you have a lovely week x

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