Studio Pottery

I have been throwing pots for over 30 years, and the pieces I make have changed a great deal over the years.

My work is influenced by Japanese and Korean tradition, not so much in the specific forms but in notion of wabi-sabi; that perfection can be found in the inperfection of nature.

It is important to me that the forms I make should express the fluidity on the wet clay even once they are fired and also that they contain marks and impressions from the making process.

wet pots
wet porcelain

I also like their surfaces to be enhanced not only by the glaze application, but also by the flame path across them in the kiln.

copper red table ware

I make a variety of different objects, but among my favourite things are large chargers, bowls, moon jars and urns. They are all simple shapes, but in them there is a search for pure, satisfying form.   

Above: Chargers approx 50cm across.

Above: Moon jars, various sizes

Above: bowls and hand basin. various sizes

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