About Jenny Mackenzie Ross

I studied Fine Art (Sculpture) at Newcastle University.  I worked in a number of different studios and potteries before setting up Northshore Pottery at the Mill of Forse in 1993.

Throwing is often central to my work, sometimes but not always for functional purposes, and as a starting point in the  creative process.

Glazes are reduction fired, often in the salt glaze kiln.

In my most recent work I have experienced a return to my roots and am now making sculpture in a purer form alongside my output of more ergonomic thrown tableware.

My studio is a converted Oatmeal Mill which I bought as a ruin in 1993.  I turned the ground floor into my studio space and subsequently, alongside my husband have renovated the upper floor to become our family home.

The Mill sits in the far Northeastern corner of Scotland, as the coast sweeps northward in a great arc from Latheron and Wick.  The culture here is uncompromisingly Norse in origin.  Everything looks toward the sea. The rocks are magnificent sandstone flags, whose origin stretches back to the first fishes on earth. The rock layers fold and slide at precipitous angles and the cliff are punctured by geos and bays.  This landscape I find beguiling and it forms the basis of my inspiration.

The studio is open 10-5 Tuesdays to Saturdays

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