Exhibitions North and South

This  November I have exhibitions here in the North and in the Central Belt.

I am very to happy to be showing ’64 Moons’ which is at Gallery North, Kelvin College, Glasgow on Hotspur Street, just up the road from the Botanic Gardens.

It focus’ on small sculpture and drawings, and runs until 30th November.1-20171109_170122

During this making of this exhibitionI have begun to  develop the notion of satalites and of stretching my definition of geology, inspired at least in part by the discoveries of Cassini.

Meantime I am also taking part in a group exhibition called ‘metamorphic Forms’ with Ceramic artists, Lotte Glob and Patricia Shone.



‘Metamorphic Forms is on at  Timespan Gallery in Helmsdale and runs until 25th February 2018.

This exhibition has given me a chance to exhibit sculptures old and new together, and it focuses on the point where the geological underbelly of the land meets soil and sea.

I am delighted to be showing my work alongside Lotte and and Patricia, whose work I have admired for a long time.

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