The End is in Sight!

It’s been non stop at Northshore Pottery as we get even closer to the firing of the sculpture kiln. We have been lucky to have had the continued commitment of our army of helpers as well as a couple of fresh faces including: Joe through the Scottish Potters Association; Alison Grubb, a second year student at Gray’s School of Art; and Oakley Cundall who is studying mechanical engineering.

photo 5 (2)


Due to the ever-changing weather forecast we have decided to postpone the building of the third chamber in time for the second firing. This has allowed us to fully focus on the second chamber – and it has definitely grown!

Steps leading to the kiln have now emerged from the bank thanks to the work of Dylan and Oakley Cundall who tirelessly built a walkway which we will use to carry wood to the firebox. And of course to allow people to have a close peek as the firing roars on!


The chimney is also taking shape. When assembled, it will create two seven foot long columns consisting of 8 thrown cylinders.



Finally, after 63 bags of rushes, 8 bags of sand and 5 wheelie bins full of clay we have mixed our final batch of slops and rushes. The last brick has been laid!

We are now on to the exciting process of packing the kiln full of goodies – both made here at Northshore Pottery and gathered from a number of makers from far flung reaches. Keep an eye out for the next post where we will see the results from Thursday’s Firing.


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