The cave kiln is growing..

We have had sun, rain, and giant midgies but dispite it all the kiln is growing thanks to the small army of helpers!


Because of the rain and midgies we have moved the production of slops and the adobe making indoors. In addition to Amy and Brodie, Alison has come to help who is a 2nd year student at Gray’s.  Yesterday Bob bought emergency midgy nets so that I could carry on working outside through the still overcast morning.  Managed to get the walls a good way up,  and today the breeze was just high enough between the showers to make it possible to work comfortably.

I have decided to put an additional arch in the 2nd chamber as the span is quite large. First chamber is nearly complete. I have made sure it is big enough to contain a layer of mugs and a nice big moon-jar.

I have also decided to put on a 3rd chamber and have the chimney coming up through the clay bank, so that the bank forms the walls of the chimney.  Bob dug the chimney channel this morning.  Rod Mann and Dylan Cundall have also done amazing work moving rocks and soil to sure up the bank beneath the kiln to make moving around it easier, and also to create space to stack wood.

Harry turned up with a cake at about 5pm…mmmm. Pear and ricotta. Delicious!!!!



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