Final Northbound poster.jpgI am delighted to be taking part in this wonderful exhibition curated by Victoria Caine at An Talla Solais Gallery in Ullapool. The show opened on Friday.20180525_161512

This touring exhibition features work from 6 artist all connected in some way to ceramics, although not everything that we are showing is made of clay. The works also include drawing performance and video.  I am showing a new installation called Coralline Tide.


Here are some of the elements from the installation. It is about the tiny Coraline seaweeds that live on the seabed of the West Coast of Scotland. Their calcium exoskeletons make them appear similar to Coral, and make them both mineral and biological entities. They form structures that are dictated by turbulence of the water, growing in straight and columnar when the water is calm, and in discs when the turbulance of the waves reaches the seabed. The result is contoured structures that echo landscapes and figures and animals and strange shapes. Little fragments of the seaweeds are often washed up on west coast beaches, and this makes the link with travellers and thus with the themes of the exhibition as a whole.

The exhibition is on in the Ullapool Gallery until 15th July. It will move to Thurso for 24 July, then on to Shetland for September/October and finally across to Norway where it will be showing at Fjell Festning.

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