The Yarrows Kiln-Cairn. Blog 2.

There has been lots of progress over the last weeks. Starting with gradually throwing rocks for the cairn walls – a few dozens every week of the Summer.

Next, we had a workshop working with a wide range of ages: 11 – 87 years in fact! We created objects relevent to the neolithic era or relevent to our own age, in order to illustrate the link between then and now. Looking at beliefs, technology, communication and our relationship with animals.

Next we started to gather materials and make our willow frame. Luckily helpers started to arrive! With Yvonne being a great help through the whole Summer and Amy coming especially for the week of kiln building. We collected heaps of rushes for the Adobe, and lots of kelp on order to open up the structure as well as provide salt to glaze the walls.

Since Sunday we have been working on the kiln on site at North Yarrows. Preparing the pit was a task as the base had to be perfectly flat. After using pick axes to break through the bedrock, the rest seemed easy! After, we created a solid base of hard and soft brick to support the Adobe walls.

We had to pack the pots before we built the kiln. We wrapped objects in copper wire and kelp so we can observe its effects.

Finally we are just begining to build the kiln walls! This is a massive task of building up a matrix of clay, rushes, kelp and moss.Thank goodness for Amy!!

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