‘Made’ Exhibition. Caithness Contemporary Crafts. Thurso and Wick.


‘Made. The exhibition of Caithness Contemporary Crafts has now travelled from Thurso to St Fergus Gallery in Wick where it is on until 7th January. There are 8 makers taking part including myself.

Andrew bunn – Wood

Alice Calder – Ceramics

Joanne Carr – Textiles

Linsey Gallager – Jewellery

Ian Giles – Wood

Jenny Mackenzie Ross – Ceramics

Kelly Munro – Jewellery

Patricia Niemann – glass

The exhibition is slightly edited due to the smaller exhibition space, but it is still an interesting and varied exhibition.

The ‘Made’ experience has been a wonderful opportunity to focus on sculptural work and to play with ideas about landscape, materials and time.

We are giving illustrated talks about our .work at 6pm on Friday 2nd December.


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