It’s All About The Timing- A Ceramics Skills workshop at Northlands Creative Glass

I will be leading this workshop as part of Northlands Creative Glass TAG programme, follow the link Northlands -TAG Ceramics workshop to book a place or contact through the Northlands Office if the would like to come along.

Third Age Group: Pottery Workshop

It’s all about the timing:-  How to make a clay…. anything

A workshop about materials, techniques and construction.

Clay is an incredibly versatile material, at heart it is the substance from which the earth is made, and yet it can be fashioned into the most delicate and translucent of objects, and every conceivable form between.  For the uninitiated is can be bewildering as to where or how to start.

Through a carefully constructed project, I will aim to demonstrate the properties of clay, and how to use these properties to work the material to best effect.

I will look at how differing techniques lend themselves to certain stages in the ceramic process and I will address the pitfalls of incompatibility between different types and states of clay.

I will be delivering these ideas in a workshop with a theme and subject matter that I hope will be light hearted and enjoyable with aim of building confidence.

By the end of the day you will see that it is possible to make almost anything from clay, you will have mastered techniques that are fundamental to hand building ceramics and be ready to take the next step on your journey of discovery!

Materials are provided. The Studio and materials are offered for unsupervised working the following the day. Limited aprons are provided but please ensure you are wearing appropriate clothing.

Cost: £20

Places available: 12

Please bring your own lunch (limited kitchen facilities available)

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About Jenny 

I studied Fine Art (sculpture) at Newcastle University 1981-85, and gained experience in ceramics by working in potteries around the highlands, and in a shared studio in Barcelona. I then opened my own Studio and Gallery near Lybster in the mid 1990’s.

I have over my career developed skills in both throwing and hand building, and used these techniques to make pots and sculpture.   I am interested in the entire ceramic process and how it relates to the landscape around us and therefore see the firing process as having equal Importance and creative potential as the fashioning of the clay.  I also like to bring physical elements of the landscape into my work, silts, sands are collected and used, as well as organic material such as kelp and moss.  Each element has unique properties and a unique part to play in my making process.

When I make sculpture, I am interest in the very slow timescales within the landscape as well as the momentary occurrences, and how the scales of time and movement relate to one another. I am also interested in to what extent the physical properties of clay can be stretched to create a dynamic piece of work.

I have taught in many different settings, in schools, community projects and in my own studio, and I believe that clay work is intuitive, and the route to gaining the necessary understanding of the material is by relaxing and having fun.

Click to download her CV!

About the Third Age Group (TAG) 

This fabulous group offers creative opportunities primarily to those of retirement age to enable them to achieve better health and wellbeing. Sign up to our TAG Newsletter!


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