Summer Newsletter


Kilns, Kilns and more Kilns.

With summer upon us there is much on the horizon at Northshore Pottery, mainly to do with kilns and firing pots.

Graduate student, Amy Benzie arrived yesterday for her summer placement, in time to witness the final firing in my old salt kiln.  Sadly and dangerously on its last legs, with walls beginning to buckle with the salt and intense heat. We fired it with the most precarious wall jammed in place by metal bars, for safety sake.


                     The first and last days with the kiln

Many thanks to master kiln builder, Fergus Stewart for all those happy firings!

Here are one or two pots from the 2nd last firing

But plans are already underway for a new salt kiln, with the concrete base now complete in a new location, to the front of the pottery where it can be easily viewed.

The other kiln building project will keep me and the students, Amy and Brodie, busy all summer!

Together we are going to make an adobe ‘cave’ kiln. It will rise in a series of chambers up the bank in the pottery garden.  It will be constructed in a similar way to my sculptures, and it will also inform the design of my new salt kiln.

The building work must be complete, and the kiln be packed and ready to fire by august 3rd as we will be having a firing party!


I will be blogging about the progress of the kiln throughout the summer.  You can follow this on or on facebook.

Funding for the materials for the kiln is from a visual artist and craft makers award.

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