kiln-cairn blog 4


I’m delighted beyond words with how the kiln-cairn performed yesterday.  The temperature rose rapidly after an early start so I found myself reaching the expected temperature of 1050 degrees by early afternoon.  Amy and I just kept firing to keep the specticle going during the festival.   The temperature climbed and climbed up through the 1100’s, and i said I would jump in the loch with suprise and joy if we got to 1200.

We finally stopped stoking when we ran out of wood at temperature of 1256 degrees.   I was astounded that this temperature could be achieved in an updraught kiln. Perhaps all the airways left by the burnt out kelp helped. The kiln walls proved a great insulator due to the burnt out rushes and where the walls were thickest, the rushes on the outside were not even singed!

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