kiln-cairn blog 5


The time has come to open the kiln.  Carefully we peal away the layers.  The walls the fall away nicely in their blocks as intended, but are crumbly on the outside where they have barely fired.  The inside has a good glaze of ash and soda.  But therehas been much spitting from the walls into the inside of the kiln.


I had placed a large pot made out caithness clay (or glacial till to be more precise) on the top shelf and therefore I was expecting Mount Vesuvius inside the kiln.  I was not disappointed!

But lots of pieces worked out fine.  Here are a few that have not  been returned to their owners and so were available for photos.


Of course every Vesuvius has its Pompey.  There were casualties that really went out in style!

10-Mather_KW1_6945_Jenny Mackenzie Ross' Cairn Kiln 28 Aug 16

Looking forward to the next prehistoric festival in 2018!!!

Many thanks to Fergus Mather for his great photos of us all unpacking the kiln.

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